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Application for PAL2022

Thank you for your patience, and we are pleased to release the information on P.A.L 2022. We are looking forward to your participation!


August 3rd to 9th for 7 days


 Tokyo (location to be announced at a later date)

How to apply

Please click the button below to fill out the form


Application period

First application period 4/8~5/15

Second application period  5/15~6/5

※If you apply during the first application period, you can participate for 10,000 yen!

The price may rise a little during the second application period.


Students over 18 years old and interested in this field, including graduate students, vocational schools, and Japanese language schools.



If there are too many applicants, a drawing will be held. Please understand.


We look forward to receiving your applications!

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