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President greeting

We, P.A.L. project are established in 2012 and are one of the international exchange programs belonging to I.I.R. (Institute of International Relations) in Keio University. P.A.L. is an acronym for Promoting Asian Leadership, and its aim is to produce outstanding talents to the international society through the interchange between the Asian students which is expected to lead the next generation. 


For our activities, we have centered “Asia” and “Leadership” as the two main topics to be focused on. The region, “Asia”, was chosen because of its increasing presence in the international society. We believe that “Asia” is and will continue to take an important role, therefore, the region has a value of being learned and discussed deeply. On the other hand, “Leadership” was set as another topic because this is an essential skill to thrive in international society. “Leadership” is very profound, its definition, method, and way of existence differ by people and situation. We keep challenging this topic to deepen our knowledge and acquire the skill, to practice it in the actual international society.


We have been inviting students to Japan from overseas annually, in August, for about a week and had a lot of meaningful interchanges through various activities. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the interchange in 2020 and 2021 were both held online. It was very heart-breaking that we could not actually meet up. However, even in an online situation, we have experienced a precious interchange with students from all over the world.


Now, we are striving to hold an interchange program in August 2022, which we call P.A.L. project 2022. For this program, finally, we are planning to actually invite students from overseas to Japan, as we did before the COVID-19 pandemic. There are many difficulties to inviting and actually meeting up in the present situation. Nevertheless, even in this situation, we strongly believe that face-to-face interchange still has stupendous merits. 


Considering our health and safety, we, P.A.L. project will endeavor to achieve our goal.

Shoma Sannomiya, 10th generation PAL representative

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