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-Three Application periods and participants fees-

Early Application

The early application discount will be applied in this period.

Participation fee

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Regular Application

There will not be any discount.

Participation fee

86 広告デイ_181007_0116.jpg

Late Application

The fee will be more expensive for the late application.

Participation fee







The process for participating P.A.L.2020 is shown below;
1. Fill out the application form on this website.
If you need PAL scholarship, you can apply both for PAL2020 and for PAL scholarship from here⇇
If not applicable, please follow this application process.
2. After filling out the form, you will attach your self-introduction video onto the google form that we will send you.
- This purpose is for us to know what kind of person you are. You can speak whatever you want.
The video should be less than one minute.
3. Selection.
- It will take about one week after the end of each application period. 
4. We will let you know the result by email.
5. Payment for the participation fee.
- Please make sure that you will pay it within two weeks after we send you an acceptance letter. Otherwise, your participation fee will increase to the fee of the next application period. If there is an unavoidable circumstance, please contact us.
- For cancellation, we will charge you a certain amount of the total price.
If you cancel our project until two weeks before the 2nd of August, you will be charged 50% of the total price.
You will be charged a full price less than two weeks from the 2nd of August.
- Participation fee includes;
 Accommodation, Transportation in Tokyo, Breakfast, and Lunch. 

- Participation fee doesn't include; 
Fight Ticket (Visa), Dinner & evening events and Souvenir.

Please be responsible for the remittance charge.

- PALProject is an exchange program organized not by Keio University officially,
but by students belonging to the Institute of International Relationship at Keio University.
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