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Voices from Participants

Here are some comments from people

who have participated in P.A.L.2021.


P.S.Y (Korea)

I've been interested in international relations since I was young, but I was so happy to have the opportunity to talk to many foreigners in English.

It was a great help to me, who was nervous when I usually talked, and I would like to thank the Keio Univ. students who helped me well. If I have a chance next time, I really want to participate😄

Vivek Vaivab(India)

Expanding My Worldview

I'm happy to say that participating in the PAL project was one of the best things I have done this year. I was able to extend and deepen my existing interest in the country and culture and develop deeper intercultural awareness.

I could learn many things about not only from Japan but about other countries too! We also did many fun activities together as making our own unique dish from various different countries' cusines, etc.

And the best thing was I was able to make friends from not only Japan but from all over the world.

Thus, as a cultural studies student aiming to experience, explore and understand world cultures, my participation at PAL project truly helped me appreciate Japan's exquiste blend of tradtional and ultramodern cultures.



First of all, I think I’ve gained a lots of wonderful things through PAL. I had the chance to meet up with not only friends from Keio University, but also with friends from all over the world, and that was just too amazing for me. I also had the chance to practice my English skills, as well as know more about Japan, which I’ve always loved. Thanks you guys so much for being so friendly and welcomed us with everything you have. And also, everyone was very kind and ready to help us whenever we need, thanks you guys so much I don’t know what I should say to thank you :3 hope that we will meet again in another program soon ^^ can’t wait to see you guys again

Trân Trân (Vietnam)

I could confidently say that my time with PAL was well spent, I was able to receive lots of culture and business related information, as well as tons of insights into Japan as an industry. The activities was well packed and brief enough, while not sacrificing any of the quality. Overall, I enjoyed my experience with PAL and would recommend them to any of our Japanese or International students.

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