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​What is The P.A.L. Project?

               P.A.L. Project stands for Promoting Asian Leadership.  P.A.L. Project is a student-run organization of Keio university and focuses on encouraging global leadership from within Asia.  We are part of an organization called I.I.R. (Institute of International Relations) of Keio University.  In 2012, 15 members of I.I.R. decided to organize a new project that focuses on problems within Asia, including Japan-China relations.  We have organized about one-week program every summer (the beginning of August) in Tokyo and continuously brought together international students from top universities since 2013. P.A.L. offers answers to young leaders who want to combine their on-cumpus studies with direct experience in other cultures.Our mission is to provide international students with various values and foster long-term relationships among them. We are planning special experiences which you can interact with other participants from various countries,Japanese students, professors, business people and local people in Japan. 
Through this program, you would know what Japan is like and get different values you had never had before. 

​※P.A.L.project is not an official international program presented by Keio University.

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