​❝ The best project ever! In the PAL project, I not only learned a multifacted knowledge but experienced the culture of Japan. The team members and international participants I met truly broadened my horizon and changed my perfection. Even more, these realization conduce to a long-lasting friendships between us. I deeply believe that you all will enjoy the time and make friends forever here no matter who you are. Overall, the PAL project left me unforgettable memories and created a positive impact on my life.What are you waiting for? Come join us!



​❞ P.A.L to me is more than a club. But a small warm,but unforgettable family. All of the activities, knowledges , funs I had through P.A.L are worth documenting and I can never forget all the moments. The program provided me the opportunities to get to know  new friends from every corners of the world, together discussing on many diffent topics, sharing to each other our own cultures including the  lifestyle  and things about our own country, especially having a precious chance to understand more about Japanese cultures , people , moreover, gaining  new knowledges  by visiting famous companies in Japan. I would strongly reccomend PAL to everyone, and I believe this would gives you a life changing experience afterwards.



 It was an unforgettable and precious experience for me to join PAL 2019 project. We visited several presitigious companies, listening to their reports , discussing on socail issues, and cultivate our leadership. Meanwhile, I made lots of foreign friends and really had a great time here.




I’m highly recommended you to join PAL-Tokyo, if you are interested in developing your leadership and want to broaden your perspective of Asia as well as Japan. Learning about leadership is not just sitting and studying the theory but what’s PAL gave me is the inspiration of being a leader. You will meet a lot of participants from different countries, diverse cultures and different perspectives. However, the inspiration of making a better Asia will lead you to work together. What’s make PAL unforgettable is how we interact with each other so closely like a family. To live together as a community, I’m sure you will build a long life friendship with other people from different parts of the world too.


Participating in the PAL project is an excellent opportunity to learn about Japanese culture, tradition, technological developments, politics, economics and leadership in Asia. You will meet amazing young talented people around the globe, try delicious Japanese food and have unforgettable experience in Tokyo.

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Being a part of Pal project is one of the most precious memory in my life. Pal just includes every learning process that I will never get sick of, learn from international friends and kind host, and learn from intellectual people of a crazy big company. When I was with Pal, I didn't even feel any border or boredom to explore such facts of society, knowledge, and ofcourse friendship. Differences made us together and closer to what we call change which is supposed to be brought to this world in order to make something new, something sustainable as our last long relationship. Each participant represent a piece jigsaw has it's own shape which is different from other pieces. At first, we couldn't connect to each other but Pal helped us to share what we are and accept what others are. Eventually, we become to what we call pal family. And I think I love this family.

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P.A.L Tokyo 2017 was an awesome project that allowed participants to experience Japanese culture and provided a platform encouraging the exchange of ideas on various essential topics nowadays. For instance, disaster reporting, technological innovations and ways to promote Asia's position in different aspects. Not only did we gain a better understanding, we were also able to make friends from all around the world and have fun at the same time. It is an amazing project you should never miss.



Being a member of PAL2017 has been one of my most memorable moments of the year. I didn't expect to get so many interesting experiences and more importantly, so many friends from all over the world who all have their own deep and inspiring thoughts concerning Asia's future. With all those seminars and visits, not only did we get to know more about colorful Japanese culture and its unique role in Asia, but also considered more about how to make a united Asia and play its leading part on the world stage. PAL was a real big surprise and I did get a glance of the future Asian leaders on PALers. It's definitely worth your effort! And I couldn't thank the organizers more for all they've devoted to the project. You've made it, thank you all!



P.A.L. Project 2017 was the highlight of my summer holiday as i got to meet many new friends across the globe. More than learning about each other countries or viewpoints and various issues, what i really treasure from this conference is the friendship i made with the organisers and the other participants. I do encourage you to join P.A.L. 2018 and i am sure you will enjoy it as much as i did.




It was an utmost honor and pleasure to Chinese representative of the P.A.L Tokyo 2016. There is no happier thing than setting out to Japan in the beautiful August and meet new friends from all over the world. P.A.L Project provides us with not only an opportunity to visit Japan, but also a platform to discuss important issue of nowadays society with the outstanding peers from other countries of Asia. In the process, what you can gain is a broadened horizon, elevated expression and thoughts, moreover, many precious friendships and memories. Do not miss this!


Info of me:

Peking University

Senior (to-be master degree candidate)

World History



Participating in P.A.L. Program was the best decision I made in 2016. The discussions were engaging, the debates were intense, and the itinerary was meaningful from start to finish. However, what made P.A.L. 2016 extraordinary was the people. Not only do you get the chance to meet exceptional individuals from around Asia, you also have the opportunity to hear unique perspectives from different walks of life, learn their stories as people, and engage each other as friends. I am sure the participants of P.A.L. 2017 will have the same unforgettable experience that I had.


Info of me:

The University of Nottingham;  Law LLB; Graduate Student



The best part of the P.A.L. trip for me was the company that I was with. This company is no other than the P.A.L. project team members. They were friendly, funny, charming and as eager to learn from us as we would like to learn from them. P.A.L. has given me an enjoyable cultural experience, good friendships, and fond memories.