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Department Introduction

Planing Department

This department makes the plans of P.A.L. Tokyo 2020 based on both academic and cultural aspects. To accomplish this goal, the department negotiates with speakers, academic organizations, and companies.


Communication Department

This department act as a bridge between foreign students around the world. We send out information about this program to various organizations in universities around Asia and take contact with the applicants.


Executive Department

This department generally plays the role of deepening the relationship with PAL members by planing events such as a dinner party and Airbnb. Our section also holds the reunion, prompting the development of PAL project by keeping not only horizontal but also vertical connections.

Also, this department will host a study session and projects that help us learn something for a long period before the PAL project begins. We are trying to help our members understand the actual contents of PAL when international students come to Japan and to make something that can get intelligence well.


Public Relation Department

We've advertising you about the PAL project through HP, Instagram, and Facebook. 

there are various information: application form of 2020, the impression of past partisans, and so on.

whether you are interested in PAL or not,

it is worth looking at HP and SNS(Instagram and Facebook).

Both on SNS and on web site we always accept any questions, so don't hesitate to ask us!!!


Liaison Department

We are the Liaison Department. We have acted to get sponsorship money which is needed in P.A.L. Project. We have been doing our best with cooperating,  to make participation fee low and enrich content of P.A.L. Project. 

Furthermore we are very close!!!

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