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~Find your color, Paint your Asia~


Date Aug 2- 11, 2019

Location:  Tokyo, Japan

Expected students:  10~20 students


①University students or older 

②TOEFL(iBT) 90 or IELTS 5.5

(If you don't have these score, you can still apply. However, you are expected to have fluent communication skills in English.)

Participation Fee 450 USD


  This fee includes;

              Accommodation, Transportation in Tokyo, Breakfast and Lunch. 

 This fee doesn't include;

              Fight Ticket (Visa), Dinner & evening events and Souvenir.

              Please be responsible for the remittance charge. 

アンカー 1

Content categories

P.A.L. Project believes that exploring three areas of Social Studies, Natural Science, and Humanities is necessary to lead future Asia. Throughout this project, we fully cover all the areas in a good balance. 

【Social studies】

Social studies include global marketing and economy, social policy and justice.
Asia has grown rapidly, not just in population but in the economy. Throughout this program, we are going to visit leading companies to explore how marketing and business work in Japan and abroad. We are also going to focus on international relations from political and economic perspectives by discussing how could we collaborate within Asia and other foreign countries.

【Natural Science】

 Natural science includes energy and environmental sustainability, technology and innovation.

Nowadays, we are facing rapid growth in technology and population growth. We need about three planets to continue the lifestyles that we currently have. Throughout this project, we are going to learn and discuss how to sustain our mother-nature. But not only learning how to protect the environment, but we are also going to study the advanced technology and innovation that is created today.


Humanities include art, media, and culture.
Not just from economic and scientific perspectives, we believe that exploring the area of Humanities is significant. To build up a trustworthy relationship with international people, sharing cultural and artistic values are essential. Through this project, we are going to visit the traditional and modern side of Japan. Not just visiting cultural places, we are also going to visit leading art-related and media companies to explore different perspectives from the two areas above.

What we are planning


What we did ​

Welcome party ​(8/2)

As the first day of  PAL 2019, we'll have a party and get to know each other through greeting and introductions. We'll also ask the exchange students to talk about them and their own country. We understood the culture, customs, economy, favorite things and so on. Please enjoy the first night in Japan!!

 Short trip Day ​(8/3~4)

Japan is famous for its tourist industry since there are various kinds of places to visit. So, why don’t you go somewhere during your stay in Japan? In this day we are planning to go to the countryside far from Tokyo and have a barbecue or some events and to stay a Japanese type of hotel. Let’s enjoy the trip and get more close to each other!!

MUN Day (8/5)

For model UN day, we will do our own version of MUN. 
we will choose a topic that particularly concerns asian countries and discuss the topic. Throughout the day, we will learn about each country’s background and the issues it faces as well as how to better improve our awareness about world problems.

Art & Science Day (8/5)

In Art Science Day, we are going to visit a digital art museum in Tokyo! It’s a brand new facility and popular among youths. Its spectacular arrangement of light creates wonderful fantasy world that you have never experienced. Through this day, we are going to learn Japanese technology through experiencing visiting this art museum.

​Pop&traditional Day (8/6)

We are going to Shibuya and Asakusa. Shibuya is the city for young generations, which has numerous pop cultures. On the other hand, Asakusa is one of the famous traditional city in Japan. There is a very famous temple Sensoji. Throughout this day, We are going to explore both the modern and traditional sides of Japan!!

Kamakura Day (8/8)

Throughout this day, we are going to visit Kamakura, Kanagawa.Since there are many historical temples and shrines, the first purpose is to understand the history of the old capital Kamakura. We are also going to explore the new aspect of the city where is working on tourism promotion internationally.

Working Day (8/9)

We are going to visit a company of convenience store.
Today, Japan has a problem with labor environment of foreign workers. Convenience stores which are familiar with our daily life, employ numerous international workers. As the leading company in Japan, we are going to explore how has it addressed in these social issues.

Harajuku Day (8/10)

This day, we are going to learn Japanese culture.
We go visit the Meiji Shrine and feel nature and the traditions.
Then, we do some sightseeing in Takeshita-Dori street.
It is the epicenter of KAWAII and there are many Japanese pop cultures.
Let's enjoy all of Japan.

Final presentation


Farewell party (8/11)

To conclude the project, we had presentations about "What is the leadership?" with a few groups. As all had different point of views, every presentations had the originality and were amazing.
Then, we will move to the party hall, starting a Farewell party.
Every year, the party is so moving as we reflect the whole program, watching the farewell movie.

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