​P.A.L. 2016

​(August 3rd to 10th.)

​Time table



Drinking party
Welcome Party
Welcome party
Welcome Party_#day1 #Shibuya #EF

Tittle:  Ceremony

Date:  8/3 welcome ceremony and party

           8/10 drinking party


The purpose of this section:

           Welcome: interact each other 

           Drinking party:shear the memory of the project


What we did during this section:

           Welcome ceremony: 

                 ・address of the president 

                 ・county's presentation 

                 ・introduce contents of the P.A.L.Tokyo

           Welcome party

                 ・have a party at the hotel 


           Drinking party

                 ・show the movie of our project 


Participants' impression: 

            At the welcome party , we had  a party at the famous restaurant: 6th by oriental hotel@ Yurakutyou. We  had a great time ,dishes was tasty 😀and we are making the plan for this year... 

            Come and join us !



Tittle:  Teambuilding

Date:  8/3

The aim of this section:

      The aim was to experience leadership.  We kept in mind three things that are important in team building; find  our own roles, cooperate with friends and aim the same goal through making a movie. 

What we did during the section:

           At first we decided a theme and a concept of a movie in 5 minutes. Next we made a draft and took a scene with  5 to 6 people from each group. At the end we showed it others in the farewell ceremony.

Participants' impression:

         Although I was a bit worried about the movie production during the time of team building, each group was able  to build relationships by discussing scripts, casts and directing. However, there was hardly sweetness of the time  of film production and recognition of it.


Education Day

Tittle:  Education

Date:  8/4

The aim of this section:

           To share the history and the education of history in Asia before and after World War II, as well as to know things that cannot be heard usually, such as diversities and differences among countries.

What we did during this section:

           ① Discussion About World War II in each group

           ②Presentation about Japan (Explain the process of progress of Japan during the Pacific War and at the                     end of war by using Japanese textbooks)

           ③Presentation about each country (stories of World War II in their own countries, images of Japan, etc.)

           ④Q & A , discussion


Participants' impression:

           1.Got to know the fact that there is an army in Singapore. 

           2.Felt the difference of historical recognitions, the way of thinking and national characters. Concretely,  Chinese students strongly argued that World War II should not be forgotten. The difference seems to be due to the difference of education of history.

           3.In spite of the heavy theme, the atmosphere was nice and we felt free to ask questions. Consequently we heard stories that would not be heard without PAL.​

​Quality of life


Tittle:  Quality of life

Date:  8/4,  8/9

The aim of this section:

            As its name suggests, we focused on quality of life in order to observe life satisfaction and to think what can be the best way to be happy in the future. There are many methods and ways of thinking about how to be happy and we hope that you guys can find out through this day.


What we did during this section:

            We had prepared you quiz and "The Life of Game (QOL version)" and it was definitely fun doing them as a team. Our two days had only 2hrs each so they were not too serious, enjoyable.


Participants' impression:

           Everyone chose the same choice and said that spending time with precious person is more important than their property regardless of nationalities. It was absolutely interesting and had fun thinking about how to live  is the best way for me through the days.

​Short trip

Short Trip
Short trip

Tittle:  Short Trip

Date:  8/5-6

The aim of this section:

     To feel the life in countryside in Japan and Japanese traditional culture.

What we did during this section:

         【DAY 1】Camping in Nasu in Tochigi prefecture. Setting up the tent. Having a BBQ party. Singing around                                  the bonfire. 

         【DAY 2】Experiencing "Zen". Going to Sake cellar. Making Japanese paper.

Participants' impression:

          This trip turned out to be an awesome icebreaking experience for all of us. As we had a busy DAY contents in Tokyo, short trip was so refreshing.  Exchange students had an interest in Japanese culture, so we were glad that they enjoyed the time.




Tittle:  Diplomacy

Date:  8/7

The aim of this section:

            To consider the future relationship between Japan and Asian countries through problems of immigration.

What we did during this section:

            Discussion between two groups for and against the immigration policy of Japan. 

Participants' impression:

          Understood the current situation and issues of Japan objectively, as we gathered and analyzed economical,  political and geological information of many countries at the level of preparation.



Tittle:  Media

Date:  8/8

The aim of this section:

           Think about how media should work.

What we did during this section:

           Watching TED about Panama papers, presentation about current situation and problems in Japanese media, group work (divided into each country) for giving presentation about the problems in their own countries and solution for that.  

           (for additional program, we visited Fuji Television in Odaiba.

Participants' impression:

          Media is strongly related with countries’ history or social back ground. Therefore, by knowing the current situation and problems in each country, we get to know more about cultures and social situation of their countries form new aspects. The problems of each country has its own character and it also becomes the                 opportunity to think about how each country should corporate to solve their own problems.



Tittle:  Technology

Date:  8/9

The aim of this section:

           We wanted the participants to know a new project for energy and think how can they apply to their country.

What we did during this section:

          We invited a member of Natural Energy Foundation as a lecturer and we listened about a new project called  Asia super grid plan. This project is proceeded by Masayoshi Son.  (He wants to connect

          The countries in Asia by the transmission line and share the energy each other in this project.) 

          After that, we had a question time.

Participants' impression

        I felt that this project is attractive but now there are some problems. So I think it will take a long time to                       implement this project.



Tittle:  Culture

Date:  8/10

The aim of this section:

           Think about Japanese culture

What we did during the section:

           Main contents: Creating goods like papermaking kits or sushi suitcase-cover to publicize Japanese culture

           Agenda: Group Discussion →Presentation →Judgement each other (based on the following points;                          introduces Japan well enough, creative and original, attractive as a souvenir)

Participants' impression:

           Culture Day is the last program except farewell ceremony and party in P.A.L.2016.  

           We had a great exciting time to discuss each other and give the presentation. In discussing time, we together draw something and talk friendly.