~Details ~


Dates : Aug 2 - 13, 2018

Location : Tokyo, Japan

Participants :

15 students from 11 countries


They are from:

National University of Singapore(SGP), Peking University(KOR), Vienna University of economics and business(VIE), Tunghai University(TPE), Zaman University(KHM), Thammasat University(THA) etc.



・University students or older 

・TOEFL(iBT) 90 or IELTS 5.5

(Even if you don't have these scores, you can apply. But you are expected to have communication in English.)

Participation Fee : 700USD


Program Fee IncludesAccommodation, Transportation in Tokyo, Breakfast and Lunch. 

Program Fee doesn’t IncludeFight Ticket (Visa), Dinner & evening events and Souvenir.

※Please be responsible for the remittance charge.

~What we did. ~

As the first day of PAL 2018, we held a welcome reception for 15 participants from 11 countries. It began with president greetings. Then, every participant took turns giving self-introduction speeches and presentations of their own countries. Also, through the mingle at the party, we each could deepen our knowledge about the different background.

Welcome Party


The purpose of this day is not only to understand the history of the old capital, Kamakura but to explore the new aspect of the city where is working on tourism promotion internationally. We divided ourselves into a few groups and walked around Kamakura while discussing why Kamakura has been fascinating us for a long time.

Kamakura Day


Away from BUSY Tokyo, we went to Chiba prefecture where is rich in nature and we can relax. On the first day, after arriving at Chiba and doing blueberry picking, we spent time freely at the beach. On the second day, we visited Bousou-no-Mura. It is famous for the place at that we can experience life in the Edo era. Every participant enjoyed the traditional Japanese culture. Through this 2 days trip, we could not only experience the rural life in Japan but also get to know each other more.

Short Trip Day


For the first half of day 5, we visited one of the most famous advertising company in Japan. We first watched a video about how they make advertisement in that company. After that, we did an activity of making an advertisement by ourselves.

In the afternoon, we went to the Ghibli museum. Ghibli is a movie company that is famous in the world, that made many movies such as "Spirited Away". In the museum, we can see the process of movie making, and also enjoy the world of Ghibli. We enjoyed the museum and got to know the anime culture of Japan.

Advertisement & 

Ghibli Day


For this day, every participant prepared a presentation about their countries' education system and problems.  There were a lot of new things to know, such as the systems, and we also realized some common problems through Asia too.  After we discussed educations, we had another discussion about politics. This is one of the best parts of P.A.L.project that we can share our thoughts about international issues.

Education &

Technology Day


We visited the National Diet and learned about the politics of Japan. After that, we discussed the characteristic and problems of each countries politics.

Afternoon, we went to the kitchen room to cook each country dish and share them as the dinner.

Politics & 

Cooking Day


Zazen is one of the Japanese traditional ways of meditation. It can make you feel relaxed and be the training for concentration.  

After we experience Zazen, we went to Haneda Airport to visit a famous airline company to learn the service and the mechanism of airplanes. 

Zazen &

Omotenashi Day


We conducted case studies on the theme of "How can we increase UNIQLO's sales?" We actually went to UNIQLO's store and saw with their own eyes about the arrangement of products and customer base. After that, compared with our own clothes shops, we divided into groups and deepened the discussion.

Case study Day


In cross-cultural communication day, we attended a meeting held by SIETAR JAPAN(Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research), where famous professors from all over the world gathered. In the meeting, we had a workshop about new ways of international exchange programs with foreign professors and education professionals in Japan.

Cross-Cultural-Communication Day


In Asakusa and Akihabara, we split ourselves into some small groups and had a game. In this game, we competed who could get more points through some missions. Through this activity, we learned how to organize a group under a multinational environment and enjoyed the traditional city by shopping, eating and visiting a famous temple.

Akihabara &

Asakusa Day


To conclude the project, we had presentations about "What is the leadership?" with 5 small groups. As all had a different point of views, every presentation had the originality and was amazing.

Then, we moved to party hall, starting the Farewell party.

We watched the movie, into which we gathered all memories from welcome day to farewell day. We got so moved messages from each other that everyone's eyes were filled with tears. Finally, we could finish PAL2018 with success!

Farewell Party