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Dates Aug 2- 11, 2018

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Participation Fee (Early): 350USD


:※Program Fee Includes: Accommodation,Transportation in Tokyo, Breakfast,lunch


※Program Fee does not include: Flight Ticket(VISA), Dinner&Evening events and Souvenir. 


P.A.L. Project believes that exploring three areas of Social Studies, Natural Science, and Humanities is necessary to lead the future Asia. Throughout this project, we fully cover all the areas in a good balance. Explanation for each area is below.

Social studies


Asia has grown rapidly, not just in population but in economy. P.A.L. Project believes that Asia could be the “center of economy” in the near future. Throughout this program, we are going to visit leading companies to explore how marketing and business works in Japan, and abroad. Social studies include global marketing and economy, social policy and justice.

City Skyline

Natural Science


Mac Desktop

Nowadays, we are facing the rapid growth in technology and population growth. In fact, global population will reach 9.6 billion by 2050, and we need about three planets to continue our lifestyles that we currently have. Throughout this project, we are going to learn and discuss how to sustain our mother-nature. we are also going to study the advanced technology and innovation that is created today. Natural science includes energy and environmental sustainability, technology and innovation.



Not just from economic and science perspectives, P.A.L. Project believes that exploring the area of Humanities is significant.  To gain trust with international people, we think that sharing cultural and art values are essential. Through this project, we are going to visit traditional and modern side of Japan.  Not just visiting cultural places,  we are also going to visit leading art-related and media companies to explore different perspectives from the two areas above.  Humanities includes art, media, and culture

Social Studies 

Developer day
 We visit Mitsuifudosan that is the biggest company of real                estates in Japan.We learn the process of city development.


Marketing Day
This  day, we are going to learn how to promote products.
For that, we will visit UNIQLO, which is famous around the world.
If you don’t know, you should ask the Googles.
How does the company  become third seller in the world?
You will  learn a lot and  know more Japanese company. Then, you will like Japan more ,too.
We  look forward to seeing you in Japan!


Thinking about working day
We are going to visit the company of convenience store.
Present day, we have the problem about foreign workers.
If you work in Japan, how do you want to work?
Maybe they think the same ,too
Then, shall we discuss?


Natural Science

Technology day
In this day, we are going to learn about Japanese technology in TEPIA (Association for Technological Excellence Promoting Innovative Advances). Through the experience in the facility, we will get some knowledge of Japanese technology of machines,information, new materials, biotechnology and so on, which would be useful to solve important issues in the society. With using these ideas, we are going to have discuss how these technology will contribute to our future society.


Japanese Industry Day
We will learn about technologies of the one of the most famous music instrument companies in Japan. We can enjoy not only the history of traditional instruments but also new technologies such as music software.In other words, through viewing high technologies, we can see and think the way of world-famous industry!


Multi-culture day
This day, we learn about multi-culture.
We’re going to RAKUTEN , which succeeds as a diversity company. we’re going to go there , listen to success stories and discuss with workers about day’s topic. Today the world is globalizing.So, to be a better leader , people should make out that people living in various communities have each culture and thoughts. Through this day we’ll get such a point of views.


Pop&traditional day
We are going to Shibuya & Asakusa. Shibuya is the city for young generations. There are a number of pop cultures.On the other hand,Asakusa is one of the famous traditional city in japan. There is very famous temple Sensoji. So, in this day, you can feel new & old in Japan!!

Earthquake and quake-resistant Day
In this day, we’ll going to visit facility where you can really experience artificial earthquake. You can look and walk around the disaster area and you can feel how the disaster would be like in first hand.Also we’ll going to see the advanced  technology of quake-resistant buildings and going to learn how it really works. Student from the country with no earthquakes will surely have a precious time.

Time warp to Edo period day
we’re going to “Oedo Onsen”. “Oedo Onsen “ is the place which can experiences lifestyle in Edo period. For examples, you can wear Yukata, which’s Japanese traditional cloths and experience“Ennichi”. So throughout this day, you can feel one of Japanese cultures.

Short trip
Japan is famous for its tourist industry since there are various kinds of places to visit. So, why don’t you go somewhere during your staying in Japan?In this day we are planing to have barbecue or some events and to stay a Japanese type of hotel. Let’s enjoy the trip and get more close each other!!










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