[towards the vision , act with decision]



Location: online

❶ University students or older 
❷ Having access to the internet
❸ Those who can participate in Japan time

Participation fee: free

Application period: 2021/5/15~5/31
​                                      2021/6/ 5  ~


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It's the first day of P.A.L. 2021.

The president will give you welcome speech and then you introduce yourself. 


The purpose of this day is getting to know each other.


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What we are going to do on this day is to travel to various countries in Asia by using “Google Earth” .


The purpose of this day is to learn about Asian food culture.
1st section, you will watch the Korean town and Chinatown video and answer the quizzes.

2nd section is discussion about food problems in Asia.


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Through this projects, we will find out the true nature of our discomfort toward society and think about what kind of value we can demonstrate in the future.


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This is the Last Day of this program!
We will have some online party and you would have a great time with P.A.L. members ;)