​What we did during PAL2017

​Day 1

10:00 Welcome Cremony

13:00 Team Building

18:00 Welcome Party at Shibuya

​Day 6

​10:00 Visiting  SONY.

14:30 Visiting a laboratory in Keio University.

​16:00 Free Time

​Day 2

11:00 Sightseeing at Harajuku.

14:00 Visiting the Edo Tokyo Museum.

17:00 Company Visit to Microsoft Japan.​

​Day 7

9:00 Discussion about RCEP.

​10:30 Presentation of Leadership.

​15:15 Cooking

​Day 3

​Day 4

​Day 5

​11:30 Learning about a natural disaster in Japan.

14:00 Group Discussion.

​16:30 Free Time

​Day 8

​13:00 Presentation

​19:00  Farewell Party

​Day 9

Participants went back to the countries.

​Some of them continued traveling in Japan.


​Welcome Day

​What we did

10am, we had a welcome ceremony at Keio University.  In this section, our president gave  a  greeting.  Secondly, we reconfirmed what we we were going to do during P.A L 2017 and had presentations about the countries of which participants came from. 

After the welcome ceremony, we had team building.  In this section, we separated into 4 groups and made movies.  These movies were played at the farewell party.

​Finally, we had a welcome party at the top of a skyscraper in Shibuya with a great view.  We enjoyed the party.

​The aim of this section

The aim of this section was to understand the participants' countries and to  tell them what Japan is like.  In addition, becoming friends with the participants was the main purpose of the day.



Sightseeing and Company Day

what we did

The aim of this section

Firstly we went to a Shinto shrine called Meiji Jingu, where was built in 1920. (Shinto is the indigenous religion of Japan.) we felt a Japanese atmosphere and worshiped  in Japanese style. 

After lunch, the next destination was Edo-Tokyo Museum, and there we could learn the city, the culture and the lifestyle in Edo era.

In the evening, we visited Microsoft Corporation and received some explanations about the corporate activities of it.

On this day we could gain a lot of knowledge in Japan.

This section has two purposes. 

The first one is learning the history and the culture in Japan: visiting historical shrine and unique museum. The second is that  you can learn Japanese corporate activities by visiting the big company.  



Short Trip To Nasu

what we did

We left Shinjuku station for Nasu by bus.  Nasu is a little far from Tokyo and famous for its hot spring and great landscape. we stayed over there. what we did over 2 days was something unique to Japan like ceramics, playing in the river, fishing, fireworks and Zazen...(Zazen is a form of meditation performed in a cross-legged.)   By living in countryside of Japan, we could deepen our knowledge about the traditional lifestyle.

The aim of this section

The main purpose is experiencing the life in countryside of japan, feeling nature and the tradition in Japan. we can refresh in NASU plateau far from "BUSY" TOKYO and deepen the bonds between exchange students and organizer students.



​Media and Environment Day

what we did

The first thing we did was watching a movie which told us how it is like to get caught in an great earthquake.  Then, we experienced simulated disaster such as earthquake and fire.

After that, we moved to a conference room, and there each of us had a short presentation and a discussion about disaster reporting. (On average we had prepared for a short presentation. )

The aim of this section

The aims were to realize media has been playing an important role in giving us the information of disaster, to share the disaster reporting different from country to country and to find out better ways of it.



​Technology Day

what we did

We visited Sugimoto lab at Keio university, where is studying Display-based computuing techniques such as teleoperation interfaces.  We received an explanation about it from Professor Sugimoto, then could have an actual experience of Virtual Reality and Human Interface.

The aim of this section

The aim of this section was that not only by listening to the explanation about the cutting edge technique but also by experiencing  bodily sensations of it we can deepen our knowledge about technology.    



​Economic Agreement Day

what we did

Presentation from one participant and workshop

The aim of this section

Coming Soon...



Cooking Day

what we did

We made some simple Japanese food (Okonomiyaki, Miso Soup, Sushi, Apple Candy, Chocolate Banana) together.  What we made is typical of Japanese street stalls.  In addition, some participants made traditional cuisine of their countries.

The aim of this section

The purpose of this section is to understand each other’s culture through cooking traditional food and eating them together.



​Presentation Day

what we did

We made a presentation of the two topics. (Along these themes,"Taking Asia to the next stage" or "Discover the potential of Asia in Japan") We divided into 4 groups.
1. What do you think is an Asian next stage? 
2. How can we take Asia to the next stage? 
10 mimutes(up to 15 mimutes) & 5 mimutes qustion time

The aim of this section

the aim is to understand Asia and sum up this program by making the use of all knowledge we got to this big presentation, .



​Farewell Party

what we did

The aim of this section

​We watched the movie that we made on the welcome day and the farewell movie.  

We got moved massages from each other:from organizer and from exchange students.

After that, we just enjoyed ourselves at the party and realized our strong bonds again. 

Finally we could concluded P.A.L.2017.

 The aim is to look back on the whole activities as the last Day and to conclude P.A.L.2017.