Masashi Onuki

​President greeting

Personal information

・President of P.A.L.Project 2017


・Department of Science and Technology, Faculty of Applied Physics and Physico-Informatics at Keio University


Program experience

・P.A.L. Beijing2015(2015/05/17-23)

・P.A.L. Tokyo2015(2015/08/03-07)

・Keio-University Global Leadership Program in Taiwan(2016/02/19-20)


・SJEC(Stanford Japan Exchange Conference)(2017/02/12-20)


Project experience in P.A.L.Project

・Liaison Department(2015-2016)


           Through the P.A.L. Project, we are determined to gather the most brilliant of minds from Asia and bring them together for an intense, but equally rewarding week.  We look forward to not only the many vigorous discussions that will be held throughout the week, but also just meeting face to face with some of the young leaders of our generation.  The Japan staff will welcome the participants with our famous Japanese hospitality and all that we ask in return is for everyone to come with the utmost enthusiasm to fully participate  in the program.  Good luck and see you all soon.