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The 1st pre-event

【The 1st pre-event】

As the first pre-event leading up to P.A.L.2017, 5 P.A.L. members attended a study session on artificial intelligence, hosted by Whole Brain Architecture(WBA) Future Leaders. WBA Future Leaders is an organization dedicated to the proliferation of neurotechnology and artificial intelligence(AI). The event introduced new tech at the forefront of AI as well as their implications/services into society. We were introduced to ground breaking tech and the event overall was very rewarding. After the various presentations, we got to mingle with the present audience, a group of people with unique backgrounds who have taken an interest in the field of AI. The conversations that were held post-event were very inspiring. There were even discussions to co-host an event between WBA Future Leaders and P.A.L.!

Below are the speakers from the event.

dip AI.Lab AINOW Chief Editor Mr. Shigeyuki Kameda Nextremer Co., Ltd. Mr. Junpei Tajima COLORFUL BOARD Inc. CEO MR. Yuki Watanabe Usage Inc. Mr. Kazuya Gokita Graduate School of Keio Second Year Student Masahiko Osawa

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