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The Crisis of confidential information leakage!

Tim Wellsmore is a director of the U.S. Information Security Corporation called “Fire Eye” which coordinates the investigation of cybercrime in the Asia-Pacific region. An interview in the Japanese newspaper company called Sankei Shimbun said that, “China’s hacker group has been strengthening cyber attacks to steal information targeting the Japanese government agencies and aerospace industries from this year.” He also commented that the Chinese government supports the cyber attacks. In addition, Japan’s confidential information is facing the crisis by the cyber attacks. It seems that U.S. investigating authority share information with other countries or communities.

According to Mr.Wellsmore, the Chinese hacker group called “APT10” is attacking others in order to steal intellectual property and information. The activities began around 2009, and this year, which expanded in the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom and so on. The United States tops the list of the biggest target of attack by APT10, followed by Japan.

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Mr.Wellsmore pointed out that, “Japan is the center of target in Asia, and various institutions such as governmental, manufacturing, financial and aerospace agencies are under attack.”

The method to attack the institutions are putting viruses in the mail and the computers will be infected by the virus when opening the mail. The Japanese government and municipal office received an email with virus which pretend to be a science-related budget in January this year.

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The threat of computer viruses also extend in the public people. In fact, there was a case that a PC got a virus when connecting to the Wi-Fi on Keio University’s campus. Thus, the methods of computer virus infection are diverse. Recently, virus infection occurs even by installing an application. Everybody might be terrified if personal information leak out from own PC or smartphone.

However, there are various ways to deal with computer viruses. Among them, it is common to use antivirus software to prevent computer from virus infection. It includes a function that protects own PC from virus invasion, as well as checking whether if the computers are not infected by the virus. Additionally, there are many things that everyone can do, such as constantly updating the PC to the latest state, not opening unreliable e-mails and attachment files. Therefore, acquiring correct knowledge and taking measures as far as possible is important to protect precious thing

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