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The threat of North Korea

On November 29 at 3:00A.M in Japanese time, North Korea fired newly developed missile from its west coast. It traveled about 50 minutes and fell in the Sea of Japan. According to Japan’s Ministry of Defense and other sources, the international ballistic missile was called Hwasong-15, which flies more than 4000km.

The last time North Korea fired ICBM was on September15th which was their 14th test launch. The first missile in this year was just after the Japan-US summit meeting on February 12th. Since the meeting, North Korea has fired ICBM more frequently. Moreover, in August, North Korea announced that they are planning to threat Guam and had already flew the ICBM to Pacific Ocean.

North Korea’s state-run Korean Central televisions said that the Hwasong-15 may be able to strike anywhere in the U.S. mainland, traveling as far as about 13,000 kilometers. According to U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said North Korea’s latest missile flew higher than any of its previous launches. Pyongyang’s provocation is expected to increase.

North Korean Missile Ranges

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The U.N. Security Council held an emergency meeting in New York on November 29. In August and September, the council adopted the sanction of banning North Korean’s exports and imports of coal and oil. Whether these sanctions will threat North Korea and U.N’s action towards North Korea are the main points of the meeting. Also, Mr.Trump said,“The policy towards North Korea has not changed at all”, so he will deal with the situation and continue to pressure them.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga condemned at a press conference in the early Thursday, "We can not tolerate the frequent provocative acts by North Korea", and protested against them. As a countermeasure, the Korean army conducted military training in six minutes after this launch.

We will keep an eye on the future Korean Peninsula.

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