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Valentine's Day In Japan

On February the 14th, we have Valentine’s Day all over the world. In most of the countries, men gives presents to whom they love. In Japan, however, it is the women who gives gifts to men and this gift is usually chocolates. We have two types of chocolates. One is “giri-chocolate” and the other is “honmei-chocolate”. Giri-chocolate is for your friends, your colleagues, your close male friends, someone you feel thankful to and this does not have any romance. On the other hand, honmei-chocolate are for your boyfriend, your husband, someone who you truly love. While you sometimes buy ready made chocolates at stores as a giri-chocolate, with a high probability, honmei-chocolate is made by hand. This is because hand made chocolates take time to make and that effort shows how much they love their partner. From mid-January in Japan, you will see many chocolates that are often heart shaped in grocery stores and department stores.

Valentine's Day

What is more unique is that we have “White day” on March the 14th which is exactly a month after Valentine’s Day. Most of the time, men gives back gifts to the women who gave them something on Valentine’s Day. White chocolate is the most popular gift but candies and flowers are also very popular too.

White Day

Although we have different kind of Valentine’s Day that is traditional to Japan, doing something exceptional is surprising and exciting so doing it in your own country’s way may also be good to show your love to others.

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