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Insta-worthy sweets in Japan

There are many sweets that look cute and delicious in Japan. And it is fashionable to post them on Instagram. Therefore, I analyzed what kinds of sweets are popular on Instagram, in Japan.

First, I will introduce a Japanese summer dessert, "kakigori". "Kakigori" is Japanese shaved ice, served with various syrups and sometimes with assorted toppings.


As shown in the photo above, the syrup overflowing over the crushed ice is popular, recently on social media. Especially, spilling it purposely from the bowl is a key point to standing out on social media. It is also better that the texture of the ice is fluffy.

Japanese Shaved Ice

Next I will introduce "wagashi". "Wagashi" is Japanese traditional sweets. Japanese sweets bring out a stylish atmosphere of the "Japanese style" by using matcha which is beautifully green, and gives pretty impressions by highlighting vibrant colors, a characteristic of Japanese sweets.


Japanese sweets in the left photo are decorated also with matcha flavoring which makes it more insta-worthy.

Lastly, I will introduce Japanese soft creams. Amazing colors and visual things stand out easily on Instagram and also easy to get “likes”! Moreover, tall soft creams that are likely to collapse have an excellent impact and are popular on social media!

Colorful Ice Cream

The soft cream in the photo above is topped with gold foil. You can eat it in Kanazawa, Japan.

Everyone, please come to Japan, and eat insta-worthy sweets and post it on Instagram! You will surely get more “likes”!

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