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Today I would like to introduce briefly the most famous Japanese food culture, SUSHI.

If you are interested in SUSHI or have the chance to come to Japan, please read my article so you can be a SUSHI master!


【what is sushi?】

SUSHI was originally a preserved food in the old times.


Before the invention of refrigerator, people used to pickle fish for preservation. In the Edo period, people started to eat fresh fish and shellfish. People put fresh fish or shellfish on the top of oval-shaped vinegar rice as in the picture on the right, introducing it as “Edomae-Zushi”. Edomae-Zushi is Nigiri-Zushi, which is very famous and popular all over the world. Nowadays, there are a lot of types of sushi, such as Nigiri-Zushi, Chirasi-Zushi, Temaki-Zushi and so on.

Chirashi Zushi
Temaki Zushi

Chirasi-Zushi Temaki-Zusi


【How to eat?】

You might be unsure how to eat sushi, with chopsticks? with folk and knife?

In Japan, the mainstream way of eating sushi is to use the fingers to hold the Nigiri-Zushi, and then dip the fish in soy sauce and eat! You can enjoy the taste of fish.

The best order to eat sushi is to start with light tasting fishes, and generally change to the fishes that are fattier.

There are a few manners to eat sushi, however you can eat in the way you want, and can make sushi taste delicious to you. You don’t have to worry about it, just enjoy the taste!


【Where to go?】

Nowadays, SUSHI is anywhere like buying at the supermarket, cooking at home...etc.

The two best places where you can eat SUSHI and feel the Japanese tradition are Kaiten-zushi and Itamaeya.

Kaiten-zushi as known as “running sushi” is a type of sushi restaurant that serves dishes on a revolving counter.

As the food revolves around, you pick the dishes that you want.

Rolling Sushi Restaurant

Itamaeya is a totally different type of restaurant from Kaiten-zushi.

Itamae means a chef in Japanese. You sit in the counter seat, and order the SUSHI directly to the Itamae (chef). After your order, the Itamae starts to make SUSHI from the beginning, cutting a fish, cooking white rice and so on, so you can eat a freshly-made sushi!

Itamaeya Sushi


【Unique SUSHI】

Since SUSHI is a famous food all over the world, there are multicultural SUSHI.

The best and most famous example is California roll.

In the late 1960s, numerous SUSHI restaurants were opened in California because of the success of overseas expansion of Japanese food. At that time, however, SUSHI itself was not popular in the U.S. It didn’t look good for the American because the seaweed was unacceptable for them.

Even though the unpopularity of SUSHI, some Japanese Itamae kept trying to make it acceptable for American people. And then, they came up with the idea of California roll. The very first rolls were just rolled with crab meat and avocado.

But today, cucumber, tuna, salmon and other ingredients were added to the rolls, and then it became more colorful and tasty.


This was the brief explanation of SUSHI.

However, it is deeper than you can imagine, so it is worth visiting Japan and eating SUSHI!

Thank you for reading this article!

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