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Studying abroad

In February, I studied English in Ireland for one month. It was my first time to go abroad alone and be away from home for such a long time. I was nervous before I arrived in Ireland but I had a very good time.

There were many differences from Japan. For example, trains are the main means of transportation in Japan, but that is bus in Ireland. Unlike Japan, there were many donut shops there and almost all the cafe had hot chocolate. In addition, hot chocolate had various kinds such as white and black. Such various differences were new and pleasant to me.

I met a lot of foreigners including Asian people at school. We talked about stereotypes in class. It was interesting that even though we are from same Asian countries, there were many differences and discoveries. For example, almost all my classmates thought Japanese are very punctual and hardworking but I think it depends on people. And I was surprised that Japanese people are all believed to like sushi. I told them that it was not all and they were very surprised. On the contrary, though I thought that all Koreans like spicy food, my Korean friend wasn’t good at it.

We also discussed our view of love at the time of Valentine's Day. We talked about which pays the money at dates, the average age to start dating and so on. People in most countries think like me. But my Spanish friend and Irish teacher said that it is normal for men to kneel when they propose to women. Although I thought it’s only in novels or movies that they do that but I was wrong.And I knew for the first time that couples don’t date in Saudi Arabia. As described above, I learned many many things at this studying abroad.

If you join us, definitely you can discover many things about Japan, as well as other countries!

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