What We Did

This year, our all program were conducted online. 



     We had a presenter from Japan External Trade Organization, JETRO, who had been stayed in Laos. We understand her experiments in Laos and thought about past and future of Asia.

Leadership Day

​27th. Aug

     We focused on encouraging global leadership in Asia.  We learned what true leadership is from Keio Law professor, Jiro Tamura. He is famous for his classes on negotiations. Through his lecture and group lecture, we had our understanding, what is truly means to be a leader,  deepen. 

Debate Day

​29 th. Aug

     We had discussions about Asia. The themes were "Should university have classes in English?", and "Should Developed country be supportive to Developing country?"  That discussion made our understanding the situation in Asia. 

P.A.L. Day

In P.A.L. Day, we had various programs. We discussed about how we should this situation COVID-19 and what program we want to conduct, if we have many international members.